The Baseline and Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program ( BRO ) is an integral part of Alberta’s methane emission reduction initiative by identifying emissions sources and providing recommended solutions. The BRO Assessment program provides the information and data to support project evaluation and enable participation in available provincial and federal initiatives to incent methane emission reduction projects.



The Baseline and Reduction Opportunity ( BRO ) Assessment Program will enable small and medium sized conventional oil and gas operators in Alberta to:

  • obtain detailed inventories of their methane emitting devices and equipment
  • identify and quantify methane emissions sources on-site
  • identify actions needed to comply with the provincial regulatory requirements and cost-effective opportunities to go beyond provincial requirements
  • provide data to assess potential projects and to apply for provincial or federal funding programs and/or offset credit systems

The program goals are to gather information that will help achieve methane emissions reductions from upstream oil and gas operations in Alberta, while raising awareness about energy use and associated economic and environmental impacts from methane emissions. The Program will enable Alberta’s small to medium sized upstream oil & gas operators to

Eligibility for Baseline and Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program ( BRO )

Operators and facilities within Alberta’s conventional oil and gas sector are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • Operators must produce fewer than 60,000 barrels oil equivalent per day (boepd), according to data reported in Petrinex for 2019.
  • Facilities must be subject to Section 8 requirements set out under Alberta Energy Regulatory (AER) Directive 60.

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