Our expertise in building best practice fugitive and vented emission management solutions has been developed since 2007 through our extensive oil and gas backgrounds and utilizing the best technology. We engage regularly with government, regulatory bodies, industry associations, and technology providers to ensure we are at the leading edge of emission management program requirements and solutions.


GreenPath transferring direct oil and gas emission experience and knowledge to clients in the support of regulatory mandates, industry standards and practices, and executing client vision of emission reductions for revenue generation, regulatory compliance and social license to operate.



GreenPath brings a broad perspective to both leaking and venting emission sources from oil and gas operations. This perspective provides peace of mind to future changes to the regulatory landscape. Evaluating liabilities, identifying risks, building revenue streams and streamlining multiple regulatory mandates are combined into a single service for cost savings and compliance assurance.


GreenPath’s team possesses diverse and complementary experience that includes field tested technical backgrounds, significant experience with project development and first-hand insight into the decision making process of government entities.