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GreenPath maintains this directory of important oil and gas regulation resources on topics that impact producers in Western Canada. We can help you develop a Fugitive Emissions Management Plan to support full compliance with the regulations in your jurisdiction. Each province maintains and enforces their own regulations in regard to fugitive emissions. Please check the provincial source for new regulations and directives. GreenPath can support you with teams and experts across Western Canada for fugitive emissions monitoring, Fugitive emissions quantification and fugitive emissions studies.


oil and gas regulation resources

From the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers website:

New Technology for Reducing Methane Emissions

Industry is serious about meeting Canada’s commitment to reduce methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations by 45% by 2025, and the use of technology is critical to find innovative ways for reducing emissions. Many new technologies and approaches are being developed and implemented that ensure the oil and natural gas industry can meet methane emission reduction targets effectively and efficiently.

Some examples of new technologies that reduce methane emissions include:

  • Using solar panels to power pumps, eliminating the venting of emissions that result from traditional sources of power.
  • Installing systems at natural gas facilities designed to capture vented gases, including methane. These gases can then be used as fuel, providing a supplemental power source for the facility.
  • New software systems that track emissions at each location to help identify and cut methane emissions.

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