Recently GreenPath’s CEO Josh Anhalt was profiled on CBC Radio Canada’s “Cost of Living“. The story focused on Fugitive Emissions Monitoring in particular the use of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) technology to detect leaking methane, ethane, butane and other otherwise invisible gasses. GreenPath pioneered the techniques that are now seen as some of the most efficient methods for Fugitive Emissions Monitoring. Using infrared cameras from Flir Technologies and other high tech solutions, GreenPath can see “fugitive emissions” — gas escaping because of a bad seal or bad venting — the first step to eliminating leaks.

“Predator vision” for fugitive emissions monitoring

fugitive emissions monitoring
GreenPath’s CEO Josh shows off one of their infrared cameras.

The cameras give the users “Predator vision” like the aliens in the 1987 film. Scientists have long used infrared radiation to observe the atmosphere, but few were using it to detect methane leaks before GreenPath brought the technology to Western Canadian oil and gas fields. Over the next few years, GreenPath has travelled across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and beyond like detectives hunting down fugitive emissions.

The demand for GreenPath’s expertise is driven by several factors. At first, mostly it was from oil and gas companies looking to save money by increasing efficiency and minimizing waste with Fugitive Emissions Monitoring.

But then regulations kicked in. In 2007, Alberta became the first jurisdiction in North America to introduce a carbon market. The Climate Change and Emissions Management Act required large industrial emitters, such as oilsands operators, to report and reduce emissions.

From carbon markets to the carbon tax, the various carbon pricing schemes and compliance with directives like the AER’s Directive 060 and Directive 017 have made GreenPath’s services essential to oil and gas producers to measure, detect and verify things largely invisible to the eye.

Read the story or listen to the Cost of Living audio clip here.

GreenPath Energy Ltd. (GreenPath) was founded in 2007 to provide fugitive emission solutions including detectionquantification and elimination solutions for oil and gas producers.

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