Methane emission reduction and compliance are pressing responsibilities for oil and gas producers. The equipment retrofit and replacement requirements involve advance planning and investments to ensure compliance. The AER will require producers to prepare a methane reduction retrofit compliance plan (MRRCP). Annual reporting for each of the emission:

  1. Effective June 1, 2019, producers must document a MRRCP that indicates how compliance with section 8.6 of the regulation
  2. The MRRCP must contain, at a minimum, the schedule to replace or retrofit existing equipment and the resources and budget
    allocated to ensure compliance with the requirements
  3. The MRRCP must be updated annually to reflect material changes or progress made over the year according to the process
  4. An executive of the producing company must approve the MRRCP in writing, attesting that the MRRCP is designed to ensure
    compliance with the requirements in section 8.6.

methane reduction compliance chart

methane reduction compliance table

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