Methane emissions measurement and reporting are are essential business requirements for energy producers. Methane emissions may be quantified using continuous metering, periodic testing, or estimates based on accepted engineering practices. Directive 017 identifies when vent gas from a site must be quantified using continuous metering or periodic testing, as well as acceptable testing methods.

The annual methane emissions reporting period is the calendar year. The operator of a facility on December 31 is responsible for reporting over the entire reporting period, regardless of any changes in ownership during the reporting period.

Additional annual methane emission report requirements are set out in the corresponding vent gas limits and fugitive emissions management sections.

  1. The operator for a facility that was active in a reporting period must electronically submit an annual methane emissions report to the AER by June 1 of the following calendar year.
  2. Annual inventories must accurately reflect equipment in place at the end of each reporting period.
  3. For facilities that do not require a licence (such as small booster compressors), the venting and equipment must be reported to the nearest upstream reporting well, battery, or pipeline facility.

Methane emission management reporting

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