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Fugitive Emission Management Programs 2.0

As a multi-service partner we can help you with Fugitive Emission Management Programs as well as the implementation and on-going monitoring as part of your plan.

Fugitive Emission Management Programs are essential for modern oil and gas producers in Canada. Do you have a plan to comply with provincial directives? Work beginning to end with GreenPath and benefit from the organizational intelligence and deep understanding of the programs we have helped you create. Contact GreenPath.

Overall, fantastic! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a creative,
thoughtful, and professional team.”

Kristi Bruno
Emissions Manager
RedBird Resources

GreenPath’s integrated instrumentation experience and in-house expertise allow us to apply a suite of emission quantification tools to accurately quantify sources of detected leaking and venting emission sources. Complying with AER Directive 060 and new directives from BC’s Oil and Gas Commission on reducing methane emissions is best achieved with the support of a quantification and monitoring partner like GreenPath Energy.

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